Together with artist Adrián Rodríguez, we created these designs that support different causes.
A percentage of our sales will go to different organizations.

There are 4 different designs!


We’re born free. Free to think, to express ourselves and to love as we like. We are also free to choose to do something, or simply not do anything. The inspiration behind this bottle was to combine ethnic features from all continents, and to combine the entire Earth into one person; we unite with other through what we live. We don’t have to be together to be united.

At Zoé Water we wanted to convey a message of unity through this limited-edition bottle, and to share the idea of being together as one. This new global routine asks us to help each other, support everyone around you and not ignore what people are going through. A percentage of your purchase will support the foundation: We are all human.


We should always aim to be better people and believe in ourselves. Let’s keep fighting for unity; it is still a dream, but we can achieve it.


As humans, we have negatively affected the global fauna. Our need of consuming them, their skins, and their habitats has been done without their consideration, and everything we’ve had at arm’s length as negatively affected global fauna in some way. Now is the moment to analyze the damage we’ve caused to living beings such as animals.

Zoé Water has a mission as humans and as an organization; we want to preserve each of the species that are with us nowadays and which have a clear purpose: to be the real guardians of the planet. We were inspired to make a bottle that recognizes the animal kingdom because we owe them, and we want to remember the respect they deserve. This is why a percentage of the purchases of this bottle will support: Avance North Texas.


Making animals viral does not prevent the threat of their species disappearing; in order to generate a real change, we have to watch our individual actions and how they can impact animals.


What a privilege it is to have so many colors, scents, and shapes from nature. Poems have been inspired by what our eyes see, songs have been written with inspiration from the sound of a river flowing, a volcano eruption or the swaying og a leaf as it gently falls from a tree.

Thanks to nature, life is a painting, and it is a moment that can last forever. As humans we have tainted its beauty in pursuit of our personal benefit. Zoé Water created a limited edition bottle that conveys a message of taking care of nature. Our natural resources are not infinite; one day these resources might come to an end if we don’t take care of nature.

A percentage of the purchase of this bottle will go to: Texas Land Conservancy.



We are currently going through an unprecedented time in the world, but we still have room to say thank you and be grateful for:

- Being here as part of this world
- The ability to do what we set our minds to
- The opportunity to support those in need
- Fighting against adversity
- Showing what we care about and who we love
- Laughing to tears with friends

Gratitude has an immense power in all of us; at Zoe Water we created this bottle to remind us that we all have a purpose and a dream to accomplish in this life, and we can’t forget to be grateful for every day that we remain on Earth.

A percentage of the purchase of this bottle will go to: Minnie’s pantry.