Antiaging effects of alkaline water

Antiaging effects of alkaline water: Zoe Water USA

More than once you have heard about the healthy properties of alkaline water and its many benefits. Discover its role in delaying aging.

The life of the human being is highly influenced by the acid and alkaline balance of the body, so much so that the blood of our body must remain slightly alkaline with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Below or above this range, health problems or diseases begin. But, what is pH? Well, let's start saying that "pH" stands for Hydrogen Potential.

The pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The term pH is used universally due to its practicality to avoid handling long and complex figures, since pH is defined as the negative logarithm to base 10 of the activity of hydrogen ions, with 7 being the neutral pH of a solution.

In this way, a high pH that is above 7 is said to be alkaline, while a pH below 7 is said to be acidic. When talking about the pH of the blood, it refers to the arterial blood, because this is the one that leaves the lungs, where the carbon dioxide is eliminated; the pH in the veins varies according to the activities carried out.

In blood plasma, there are two regulators: one alkaline (bicarbonate) and another acid (carbonic acid).  The body is always looking for balance with the action of both, the problem begins when we start to lose bicarbonates, the body no longer It produces in the same way. Then, the metabolic residues of the cells  manifest their state of acidity in the bloodstream and we begin to age due to cellular malnutrition.

Bicarbonate is usually in combination with alkaline minerals. For example, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate or magnesium bicarbonate. The acid regulator is a combination of carbon dioxide and water.

If we understand the relevance of hydration for health and why diseases that are not of external or pathogenic origin develop, then we can take actions to achieve a better quality of life.

Metabolic balance, aging and alkaline water

The human body is an incredible survival machine. It just requires us to help it. Let's dive a bit into metabolic balance. The cells, like the human being, breathe, eat and defecate, so to speak. These metabolic waste goes to the blood plasma (remember that we are 75% water), thus, the metabolic waste goes to the bloodstream to be processed by the filters we have in the body, which are the liver, kidneys and lungs.

The human being around 45 years of age begins to lose bicarbonates, that is, their ability to eliminate metabolic residues from the cell system (acid wastes) such as carbonic anhydride (CO2), fatty acids (cholesterol) and uric acid. And that's how we start to get older.

The bicarbonates that your body requires to counteract body acidity you can find it on Zoé Water. Mantaining a healthy pH and drink alkaline water will help to slow the aging process. This does not stop here. By eliminating acidity, you will be reversing aging. We do not mean that you will be a young man again, if not that internally your body will behave with greater energy, with greater flexibility and with greater freedom of movement.

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